MetalGlow is a shimmering metallic paint that radiates designer quality in 67 rich, opulent colors. Apply MetalGlow to walls, furniture and accessories to create a stylish look that everyone will want to copy. Move your mouse over each color to see the glow highlights.

Alice Blue Amber Dust Ametrine
Ancient Copper Bisque Plum Bouquet
Caterpillar Gold Celery Cayenne
Cinnamon Citrus Gold Coffee Bean
Copper Pot Copper Veil Copper Velvet
Corn Silk Eldorado Gold Elephant Hide
Firewood Fontana Gold Garnet
Georgia Peach Ginger Harvest Gold
Jungle Moss Kettle Leo Gold
Luna White Mars Red Martini Olive
Milk & Honey Gold Mocha Gold Neptune Blue
New Penny Gold Obsession Old Bronze
Pale Silk Papaya Whip Paris Sunrise
Pegasus Pewter Pirate's Gold
Playfully Pink Plum Island Queen Elizabeth Purple
Rich Silver Robin Hood Santa Maria
Sausalito Sea Spray Silver Ice Caps
Silver Lining Silver Town Spruce
Sunburst Gold Sunstone Toasted Coconut
Tourmaline Treasure Gold Tundra Gold
Urban Steel Veridine Vero Gold
Vesuvia Gold Wheat White Heat
  Winter Skies