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Primal Colors is a decorative faux artistry company, and is operated by David Hettel. We offer complete specialist decorative services. Primal Colors works with architects, interior designers and home owners. We are experts at developing ideas and original concepts for the decoration of interiors — including faux finishes and decorative art for walls, furniture, cabinetry and architectural ornaments.

Primal Colors, Ormond Beach, Florida
Primal Colors is the studio of artist David C. Hettel.

David Hettel strives to work with the customer to maximize the potential of their personal spaces and surfaces, by utilizing the best Old World and contemporary techniques. What sets David apart as an artist in this field is his experience as a Residential and Commercial Decorative Painting contractor. On the flip side, as a painter or faux finisher, David can draw upon his experience as an artist. With the help of a few talented artisans who are hired as needed, David has designed dozens of murals and one-of-a-kind finishes for many "high-end" homes and hotels around Florida and the US, (including recently teaming up with a partner in Santa Barbara, California).

David has factory training in application of a variety of mediums from Faux Effects Studio, Vero Beach, Florida, and Firenze Italian Plasters in Miami, as well as extensive training in fine art and art history. David's awards include two "Fauxcademy of Decorative Painting" trophies, given in an internationally juried Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada. His work has recently been featured in Faux Effects World.

About David
Decorative Art, Central Florida

David Hettel is the creative force behind Primal Colors.

Primal Colors has built a reputation for excellence, integrity and unsurpassed designs. We create signature custom Finishes for surfaces to meet the color and design preferences of our clients. These hand painted or applied finishes include authentic plasters and textures, faux marbles, exotic wood grains, gilding, decorative patterns, gorgeous glazes and custom hand painted wallpapers.

You’ll be amazed by the richness and color, depth and movement that our finishes can bring to your space. We direct our skill, imagination and creativity into design environments which are a reflection of our clients’ tastes. Our clients are delighted when they retreat into their private or public areas where colors, textures and imagery provide them with a sense of well being.

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Primal Colors
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custom painting, textured surface

Primal Colors, Inc. is owned by David Hettel, and was established in the State of Florida in 2000.

From simple to complex, Primal Colors always employs the same degree of care and exacting standards. We use the best materials, sourced from all over the world, for their quality, durability and eco-friendliness.


Primal Colors, Inc. carries full Professional Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance.


Primal Colors is dedicated to meeting the expectations of our clients on every project — large or small. We provide a high degree of craftsmanship, and take great pride in a job well done. We aim for minimal disruption during the course of a project, and always try to make it an enriching experience for our clients.

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custom painting, textured surface

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Primal Colors
During the initial consultation, David will show you his portfolio and give you many options to think about. These are based on your interior—furnishings, carpet, draperies and art work. Your space will be measured. David will discuss your requirements, and suggest colors, techniques, design ideas, budget, and deadlines. We pay attention to your personal preferences. Sample work will also be discussed at this point. You will then be sent a detailed written proposal for your approval. If you are working with a designer, both David and the designer will visit you and proceed in the way discussed above, except we’ll have the benefit of the designer’s input as well.
Design Services
Primal Colors will coordinate your project with your existing décor, and provide expert color guidance for other areas. We can design around themes, and coordinate complex projects. We provide extraordinary services so that you obtain the full benefit from your interior designer or general contractor. Our style of faux painting is a unique blend of paints, glaze and color. Working closely with you, we create harmony in the desired space. The existing surfaces (wood trim, flooring and counters), furniture, window treatments and accent pieces all play a part in the color combinations that are chosen for the wall treatment. By giving consideration to all of these components, the end result is an ambiance that one feels when entering the room.
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